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BB-200 Warm Water Bidet

Certified to Australian Standards, with backflow pevention device

The BB-200 bidet attachment is the warm water version of our most basic model; this bidet

  • simply mounts underneath your toilet seat,
  • does not require electricity or batteries,
  • however does require connection to both hot and cold water sources.
  • Comes with user-controlled warm water feature and temperature control knob as well as
  • self-cleaning nozzle with a hot water by-pass function.

The Basics

  • User controlled warm water
  • Temperature control knob
  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • No electricity or battery needed
  • Full One Year Warranty

The BB-200 Warm Water Bidet

  1. Nozzle Cleaning
    with hot water by-pass.
    Cleans nozzle with high-pressure water that by-passes
    hot water supply for total hygiene.
  2. Temperature Control.
    Warm water can be adjusted from Lo to Hi.
  3. Water Pressure Control
    Water pressure is adjustable by switching from Lo to Hi.
  4. Australian Standards approved 
    WaterMark Licence WMKT 21240 - Backflow prevention device included along with all required parts.

Installation is really simple

  1. Remove the existing toilet seat
  2. Turn off the cold water at the stop tap and flush the cistern
  3. Turn off the hot water at the hot water service (HWS)
  4. Remove the existing cold water cistern pipe
  5. Install backflow prevention device and three-way cold water 'T' adapter
  6. Connect new flexible hose to cistern
  7. Install BB-200 onto pan and re-install toilet seat
  8. Connect high pressure hose from cold water 'T' adapter to BB-200
  9. Remove hot water pipe to hot tap
  10. Install backflow prevention device and three-way hot water 'T' adapter
  11. Connect new flexible hose to hot water tap
  12. Connect high pressure hose from hot water 'T' adapter to BB-200
  13. Tighten all connections, turn on water at stop tap and HWS and check for leaks
  14. Enjoy your new BB-200 Warm Water Bidet.
Recommended Retail Price:  $249.00 (including GST)
Remember !  This bidet is certified to Australian Standards